Vital Safety

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Hotel Cellar Death

11 March 2010 - Another tragic death in a hotel cellar today highlights the dangers of carbon dioxide in poorly ventilated areas.  According to newspaper reports a 54 year old worker at a hotel near Colac, Victoria was in the cellar receiving a delivery of beer kegs.   Equipment in the cellar was damaged during the delivery and there was a release of carbon dioxide. The worker was asphyxiated. A second person was able to escape the cellar uninjured.

Worksafe Victoria issued an improvement notice to the hotel following the incident.  The hotel must now install fixed air monitoring equipment in the cellar.  A free publication "Preventing Cellar Beverage Gas Leaks" is available at Worksafe Victoria.

Another summary of cellar safety requirements is provided by Australian Hotels Association NSW .

Other recent incidents in cellars include:

8 July 2009 - A worker is seriously injured by an explosion in a hotel cellar in Echuca, Victoria.  It is believed that acetylene leaking from a cylinder in the cellar caused the explosion.

  1998 Victoria - Worker dies after entering a cellar with leaking carbon dioxide