Vital Safety

vital | adjective | 1. critical, absolutely necessary 2. performing and essential function 3. characteristic of life

Standby Person - Roles and Responsibilities

Standby Person (aka. Spotter, Sentry, Observer, Attendant, Hole Watch, Cockatoo or Look-out)

This is a vital function, a position often held by the highest qualified member of a confined space team. 

This person (or people) has responsibilities that are defined in State OHS Regulations and Standards. These responsibilities include maintaining constant communication (monitoring wellness of entrants and able to signal evacuation), initiating emergency response and keeping a record of entry and exit.  In addition, the standby person may operate and monitor equipment for the safety of personnel in the confined space and monitor conditions outside the space.

The preference is that the Standby Person is qualified to provide CPR First Aid, though this function may be provided by a second person who is readily available.

In practice, the standby person controls entry and exit to the confined space and is prepared to respond (but not enter) during a confined space incident.