Vital Safety

vital | adjective | 1. critical, absolutely necessary 2. performing and essential function 3. characteristic of life


Can Do??

There are times when the "Can Do" attitude just won't do.  It is amazing how often I hear people say "Sometimes I just have to take a risk to get the job done".  People will risk their lives by doing something like climbing out of an elevated work platform basket, 8m above a concrete floor, to climb into a  dark slippery fragile ceiling space to repair a leaking pipe.  When they are asked , "Why risk your life?" the standard response is, "I'm just getting the job done".
 It takes courage to stand up and stop an unsafe process, especially if this means slowing down production in the short term.  Nothing will change if people continue to cross their fingers and hope like hell nothing goes wrong.  Find a way to do the job safely now.  If you continue to do a job that you know is unsafe, you are putting pressure on your workmates to do the same.  You might not be the one who falls.
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